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About Peta-Gaye & Peta-Gaye’s Kitchen

Who is Peta-Gaye

  • Peta-Gaye, the owner and main chef, was born and raised the youngest of 8 children, in Jamaica until her family moved to Toronto, Canada when she was 12. As her Dad was the General Manager of a prominent rum company, cocktail and dinner parties were frequent occurrences in her household.
  • Peta-Gaye learnt how to cook from watching her Mom, an accomplished hostess and cook, and then later took formalized courses at various cooking schools to augment her practical training.
  • Family members married into other cultures from the Caribbean islands and Europe. An appreciation of the foods from these different cuisines as well as North American cuisine, led Peta-Gaye to experimenting with different flavors and creating her own unique take on classic dishes.
  • In Toronto while doing corporate marketing and sales, she started a small catering business with a friend on the side, catering weddings, wine dinners, and special events. Her corporate job brought her to California, so the catering company was dissolved after 3 years.

The Birth of Peta-Gaye’s Kitchen

  • When the corporate division was sold, Peta-Gaye decided to once again pursue her love of food and managed her mother-in-law’s Italian restaurant, the Spaghetti Bender, to learn the ropes in the front and back of the house.
  • Her passion for owning and operating her own food business was stronger than ever; thus Peta-Gaye’s Kitchen was born in 2016.  Peta-Gaye’s Kitchen came into being as a result of Peta-Gaye’s passion for food and deep satisfaction of cooking dishes that make people happy. Peta-Gaye can take whatever is fresh in season and come up with delicious ways of serving it.

Peta-Gaye will work with clients to create and customize menus according to their tastes, dietary restrictions, events and budgets.