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Jamaican Themed Birthday Dinner Party

I got to cook dishes from my Jamaican heritage for an 80th birthday celebration for a gentleman who has travelled to Jamaica many times and loves it.  It was fun and quite the honor.

The menu consisted of :

Jamaican Cocktail Beef Patties, a crescent shaped flaky pastry filled with a spicy beef mixture (Jamaican empanada).

The main entrees were :

Jerked Chicken, Jerked Meatloaf with a jerked barbecue sauce, Rice and Peas, Caribbean Coleslaw, Potato Salad and Fried Plantain.

For dessert, the hostess ordered birthday boy Barry’s favorite…key lime pie.  He also had a birthday cake, because when you’re 80, you deserve at least 2 desserts!

dessert, pie, key lime pie

Key Lime Pie