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LOW CARB, LOW SUGAR LIFE – Recipes and Stories

I have been following a low carb, low sugar and somewhat higher fat diet since March 2019, and have never felt better.  I have lost weight, have more energy and some joint pains that I had have gone away.

This way of eating may not be for everybody and I am not a doctor, so I am not advocating that you do it as well, and if you do, as with any diet plan, please check with your physician to see if it is right for you.

As I started on my new food journey, I have been creating my own recipes and  adapting others’.  I have also been coming up with “mock” carb replacements and some pretty good sugar free desserts.

I followed this way of living for over a year, added back carbs and sugar, which also added back pounds, I’ve started to reduce carbs and sugar again with the goal of doing it for the month of January (2022), hoping that even if I add back carbs and some sugar in February onwards that it will be only on occasion and not on a regular basis.

This blog section on my web site is to help inspire others who have decided to reduce carbs and sugar in their diet and help make it easier for them to follow by sharing menu ideas, recipes that I have found and use as is, some of my recipes, including fun cocktail recipes I have either created or adapted, and also to share some tips and tricks.  


I will also provide links to some of my favorite low carb, low sugar products or other products I like.  I am an Amazon associate, so I will get a small fee if you use my links to make purchases.  In a lot of cases, Amazon is the cheapest retailer, but if you want to purchase any of my suggestions, and find the product elsewhere, please buy from whomever you like.

I would also love to have you my readers, share some of  your recipes and ideas, so that this section of my website, can become a dynamic resource center for folks to come to for inspiration and ideas to eat well and enjoy what they are eating, while enjoying a low carb, sugar free life!

Below is a form if you have a story, recipe or product you would like to share.  I will try to read and post as often as I can, and I will reserve the right to decide if what you have shared is or isn’t  a good fit to share : ).