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Low carb, keto, Italian

Living a low carb, low sugar life and craving Italian?

Trying to live a low carb, low sugar life and looking for creative menu ideas? Green beans make a good...

Living a Low Carb, Low Sugar Life: Still Loving on the Keto Bagels

I have to say that I still occasionally want a “sandwich” for lunch.  Today I was looking at this beautiful...

Brown Bagging It in Style, Lunch Meeting October 2019

Lunch Bags certainly don’t have to be boring, especially not when you have Peta-Gaye’s Kitchen L.L.C. cater your lunch event!...

Hallowe’en Party 2019

"Your food was a smashing hit! Our guests couldn't get over the sliders and crostini."

Peta-Gaye’s Picks : XOXO for LSXO in Huntington Beach, CA

If you live in Southern California or visit and enjoy Vietnamese food, LSXO is a must! It’s an upscale Vietnamese...

Casino Night, Kugler Party, September 2019

"Everything was so good!  I will definitely use Peta-Gaye's Kitchen again!  It was such a beautiful presentation.  The food just disappeared, the guests ate it all. I loved everything, especially the Brie with the onion jam and the cheese and herb crackers."

raspberry, cream cheese, jello

Living A Low Carb, Low Sugar Life : A No Bake Dessert to Fill that Sweet Craving

Revisit your childhood with this easy and delicious dessert – sugar-free jello with a sweet cream cheese dollop and fresh...

Jamaican food, chicken, jerked chicken

Jamaican Themed Birthday Dinner Party

"Everyone loved everything, the food was so tasty. I especially loved the meatloaf"...to paraphrase the hostess the next day.

Entertaining Made Easy with Peta-Gaye’s Kitchen

Love helping clients entertain work colleagues, friends or family, providing them with beautiful and delicious food to showcase and enjoy....


60th Birthday Dinner Party

"Thank you again for your amazing food, incredible service and being so easy to work with. It was a beautiful 60 th birthday celebration we are so grateful for!"

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