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Daytripping – exploring Southern California : Pauma Valley

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  My husband and I decided to explore  Pauma Valley in San Diego County.  For the first time ever we encountered no traffic jams on the 5 Freeway.  So the drive from Huntington Beach to Pauma Valley took us only 1 hour and 30 minutes, which under “normal” traffic conditions may have taken 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Although we enjoyed the relatively open roads, I would gladly take back the traffic in exchange for a healthy, fear-free and fully functioning society.

Our drive was beautiful – big blue skies, bright orange nasturtium flowers spilling down hillsides like pretty orange waterfalls along the freeway, and different shades of yellow and white wild flowers dotting the green hillsides.  The photo below does not do the flowering hillsides justice, but they were breathtakingly beautiful in person.

freeway scenery

Wild flowers on the hillside

The valley itself is an agricultural Mecca.  Avocado, citrus and eucalyptus groves are everywhere.  If there wasn’t a fruit grove, there were plant nurseries.  In between were fields with grazing horses, cows and oh yes, we did see buffalo.

We stopped at some fruit stands and were blown away with the beautiful produce and inexpensive prices.  $5 was the magical price of the day, whether it were for a large bag of grapefruit, blood oranges, limes, necaterines, peaches or avocados.  And because of all the fruit blossoms they are blessed with bees, so honey and bee pollen were plentiful.

Raw honey from different blossoms and bee pollen

My mother-in-law has been having an obsession with grapefruits, so we bought her some and of course bought ourselves some, along with other produce and some of their glorious honey and bee pollen.

There will be no Vitamin C deficiency for us !

Citrus and avocado aplenty

Once businesses open up again, there is a huge casino, Palo Casino, in the valley for dining, gambling, shows, shopping or spa time.  Also Temecula is only about 18 miles away for wine tasting or day spas.

Yes I would definitely go back and explore some more.