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Living a Low Carb, Low Sugar Life: Still Loving on the Keto Bagels

I have to say that I still occasionally want a “sandwich” for lunch.  Today I was looking at this beautiful lone Campari tomato on my counter and knew I had a couple bacon strips in my fridge, and suddenly was craving a bacon and tomato sandwich.  Luckily I also had a few Keto bagels in my freezer that I had made last week (these bagels keep well if stored in freezer bags).  Well a few minutes in the toaster oven on convection bake at 375 degrees first to thaw, and then sliced and put back in to toast and I had my carrier for my scrumptious bacon and tomato sandwich!  Bacon, tomato, mayonnaise (Best Foods Real mayonnaise has no sugar and no carbs), a slice of Trader Joe’s goat gouda, mustard and I was a happy girl!

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